Giovanni Buzi, Brazil, 1998



Giovanni Buzi was born in Vignanello (Italy) in 1961, and obtained his diploma at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome in 1984. In 1991 he graduated from Rome’s La Sapienza University in History of Contemporary Art, and started exhibiting his art-works in Rome and Paris in 1985. Since 1988 he has been teaching Italian language and civilization at the European Parliament in Brussels, and has been lecturing History of Contemporary Art at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels since 2005.

He was a painter and a writer.

His published works include Manuale di storia dell’arte, Sovera Multimedia, 1993, the novels Faemines ( 1999), Il Giardino dei Principi (2000),Agnese (2005), Agnese Ancora (2008), Uragano (2008), La Signora dalla maschera d'oro (2009), the essay William Turner in Etruria (2004), several collections of short stories Fluorescenze (2004), Sesso, Orrore e Fantasia (2005), Alchimie d'amore e di morte (2006), Le Dieci Morti di Tran-Silvana (2011) and a poetry creation La neige in Christian Dotremont, Mémoire de neige, Editions Tandem, Brussels. Giovanni Buzi’s works are also included in various anthological collections. He has been awarded many literary prizes and was the winning writer in the International Poetry Competition “Coluccio Salutati” in 2004.

He died in Brussels on 17 March 2010.


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